Invest From Afar With TurnKey Investment Packages


Are you interested in purchasing a property as an investment? Are you hoping to build a home for the future with minimal hassle?

Total Package Construction has turnkey investment packages that may be just right for your needs. Our experts can help you understand turnkey investing and how it could benefit your portfolio.

What is a Turnkey Property?

The purpose of a turnkey property is in the name—you turn the key and little else! Total Package Construction takes care of everything else. A turnkey property is newly constructed, fully furnished and only requires tenants to use their key to move in.

We specialise in such properties throughout Ipswich, Maryborough and surrounding areas. Our real estate experts identify homes or properties with a tremendous upside, our contractors and builders work on the property, and we finalise everything before handing it over to you.
Our team explains every aspect of the package to potential customers. We want you to understand the various costs, regulations and procedures involved in buying a piece of land and constructing your dream home on it.

Working In The Best Market

Total Package Construction treats your money like it is ours. We will never place you in a declining market. If a sizeable return on investment is your goal, we are your best option in Maryborough and Ipswich.
Our real estate experts understand the local market inside out. We identify the neighbourhoods and properties with the highest upside. When presenting you with newly purchased properties or finished homes for turnkey investment, we explain every aspect of why it is a beneficial deal.

Invest With Minimal Research

Not everyone has the time to research an area before investing in real estate. If you hope to add real estate to your portfolio for long term purposes, while renting out a home in the short term, Total Package Construction can help.

We research the local real estate market for you. With our turnkey investment properties, our architects create a blueprint, builders complete the construction and designers furnish the property. Then we hand over the keys, allowing you to rent out the home at your convenience.
If you are considering Maryborough or Ipswich real estate for investment purposes, connect with Total Package Construction for the best turnkey investment packages in the area.
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